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  • Installations and maintenance of domestic and industrial solar energy system
  • Installations and maintenance of solar street light
  • Installation and maintenance of solar water pumping system
  • Installations and maintenance of inverter -battery backup system (IBBs)
  • Sales and supply of solar panels, inverters, deep cycle batteries, solar fans,
  • Solar charge controllers, solar lantern, solar LED street lights and poles.
  • Training and certifications in solar energy/inverter battery backups systems (IBBs)

Industrial Domestic And Commercial Electrical Design and Intallation


  • Industrial load control
  • Load control in large building
  • Quality of supply protection and investigation
  • Industrial control panel and motor protection and control
  • Factory lighting and power consumptions management
  • Work place biometric clocking solution
  • Factory fence security system and real time reporting

Always ready Services and Support:

Our Team Is Ready & Waiting!

Destiny Elect and Elect is a global leader in process and industrial automation, helping customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor & control process.

The Possibilities With Our Solutions Are Endless

Solutions from Destiny Elect and Elect Nig.ltd solve problems. Our highly trained solution architects work closely with our customers, partners and industry experts to analyze an application and identify the key products, features and components necessary to solve it. Drawing on a catalog of over 30,000 automation,CCTV,Renewable Energy products—the most comprehensive in the industry—as well our capacity for rapid product customization, our solution architects design, develop and thoroughly test each solution we deliver. The final product is a smart, cost-effective solution that satisfies customer requirements, performs at the highest levels, and solves the application.

Best Electrical Equipment and component 

Durable industrial and commercial electrical Part from the world most reputable company

Renewable Energy System:

Series Of Inverter

 Customize Surveillance System:

Super Surveillance Camera for City Surveillance ,Pipeline Surveillance,Airport ,Sea Port ,Train Station ,Government Secure Area and Bank

Security Alarm System:

Destiny elect and elect considers many factors when analyzing and ranking security systems. We consider the quality of service, how expensive the equipment is, how cutomer-friendly the company is, and most importantly, what security features are offered

Fire Alarm Systems


With years of experience Destiny elect and elect can provide effective and practical solutions to meet specific client requirements. From a simple conventional system to a more complex addressable system, our engineers can advise on all aspects relevant to the clients needs.

Home Automation Control Systems:

we are delivering an innovative and retrofit wireless home automation solution, first of it kind. Concept exists in today’s world.  It enables users to control home lights, fans and other electrical appliances using wireless remote controller (or even manual)

Easy Installation Procedure :

 Will wrong Installation destroy your Investment pls Let handle all those your difficult and easy Job Because we always do it Right the fist time always because we are leader in this Business and we have been delivering excellent job for Many years for Now our evidence will speak for us  

Testimonials: We Set Out to Build a System Our Customers Would Love

We are proud to have served our clients well. We believe that the best way for you to learn more about us is to have our customers tell you themselves.We excel at providing superior and innovative technology and unsurpassed technical support. Our commitment to excellence is shown in the testimonials below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

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